This summer, many a family will pack their kids in the car and head out for vacation. Before much time has passed the joy of the fun to come will give way to World War III between said kids. The long ride, strapped in their seat is too much for them to handle and they are unable to cope. As parents we expect such behavior but also forget that we do the same when life is too much for us to handle. As adults, we respond to these situations in a number of ways. We freak out and explode on others. Other times we look to escape the trouble in tv, sleeping, food or substance. And still other times we decide to muddle through and “ho-hum, woe is me” our way through it. None of these are helpful and actually add to the struggles we face.
There is a better way, and in today’s passage, we see how God would have us respond when life is too much for us. God’s way not only engages and works through the issues but makes us better people, more like Jesus through them. Listen in to find out how we can handle life when it’s too much for us.