The time and place in which we live is increasingly paying no regard to God. Whether one looks at the prevailing attitudes on morality, marriage, or why people do what they do, today’s culture has no regard for what God has to say on the issue. This however is nothing new. For millennia cultures have set out to define their systems for life and how it should be lived. In the midst of this climate the people of God must find how they are to trust in and obey the God of the Bible. Whether we are talking about God’s people in captivity 2500 years ago, as in the book of Esther, or in 2015 United States of America, learning how to operate in a culture opposed to the God we serve is vital. In today’s passage we begin our study in the book of Esther. Chapter one lays out for us the setting in which Esther, Mordecai and the diaspora Jews find themselves in. It is a place that has no regard for their God. This chapter teaches us what a culture is like that has not regard for God and the rest of the book, and our series, will look at how we then live in that culture.