Jesus has a conversation one day with a man of great wealth. This man desires to know that he has eternal life, along with his riches and asks Jesus what he must do to inherit it. After a brief exchange, the man goes away sorrowful because he would rather have his money than what Jesus has to offer. The disciples are astounded because they believed, like the Jews of their time, that the best way to know God was pleased with a person was to check their bank account. Jesus however, says it is almost impossible for a rich person to get into heaven and the disciples ask, “Who then can be saved?”

It should give us pause that the disciples got this most basic of questions wrong. Could we be in error also? In today’s passage we examine that very question. And we do so through the lens of the man who is saved in Mark chapter 10; a blind man named Bartimaeus. Of all the questions in life you want to get correct, foremost is, “Who can be saved?”

Are you?