Desmond Doss was a young man growing up in West Virginia when World War II began to rage.

Desmond was a pacifist in the sense that he would not fire a weapon, for both religious and personal reasons, but he still wanted to serve his country.

So, he ends up as a medic in an Army Infantry Battalion on the island of Okinawa at a place called, “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Still to this day, Desmond is the only person on the face of the earth to have ever won the Congressional Medal of Honor without ever once firing a shot.

If you were to ask Desmond why he did what he did, braving the bullets of the enemy without having any weapon of his own seventy-five times to save seventy-five men, he would say, “Although I felt it wrong to take a life, I would risk my own life to save one.”

If you were to ask Jesus this question, “Why did you come? Why did you do what you did?” What do you think his answer would be?

Hebrews 9 holds that answer for us. Listen here for the sermon from Sunday!