Pain and suffering is a fact of life. No one is exempt from going through it. Rich, poor, young, old, educated or not, everyone will be visited by suffering at some point in life and for most it will be multiple times. What do we do in the midst of suffering? Americans in particular are poorly equipped to handle it. This is true partly because of the level of comfort we experience as the norm and also because our cultural narrative is one of winning. Americans expect to win and not suffer, to triumph and not experience pain. And yet pain is there. When we bring God into the equation, pain is difficult to reconcile because God is loving and it doesn’t make sense that He would allow pain. The argument goes that either God is loving but not powerful enough to prevent the suffering, or he is powerful enough but not loving. In either case we can’t worship a God like that. The reality however is that God is loving and does allow suffering. Why? Today we look at one of the most difficult and most helpful questions for everyone. Listen in as we examine the reality of why God allows pain and suffering.